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I miss psychology.

that's about it.

Another new week

OMG!!! I WANT TO GO TAIWAN!!! Yea.. I've been going on and on for these few weeks and the cravings are quite unbearable. :( It affects my mood sometimes.

Anyway, a new week and I think there will be more work coming in. I can't wait. Really. Like now I am pretty done for the day and it's only 3pm! Gosh.. I think I should really do more. I am having this tension headaches.. but I dunnoe if it's really becoz I am stressed.. Maybe I am, but unknowingly.

Alright, and I should start exercising soon.. feeling really lazy!!!!

A whole brand new start.

Yep, from business informatics to psychology to culinary.. now I am in Human Resource! Damn, why can't I just be determined and stick to one? Well, I defintiely have my own reasons.

Alright, to cut things short, I shall just talk about my current job. The company I am working at is Chong Chen. It's a company started off by my cousin, and now, my brother is his right hand man. Of course, there are a few more staff in the company and two of them happen to be my brother's friends. They are really nice and of course capable which definitely add a certain level of stress in me. And yes, I am in HR department, a department which I would consider when I studied psychology. Simply because I kinda like Industrial/ Organizational Psychology. Many people didn't know that psychology students actually do study a little of HR.. but of cause, not really the techinical aspects of it.. but it's good enough for me to start somewhere.

Int he beginning, I was so afraid that I will dislike the job.. but now I am actually okay with it. I do not hate it, but I do not LOVE it either. It's a totally different feeling. I still prefer the times when I'm in the kitchen.. especially during weekends. I like to be busy and I like to create something. To me, cooking is like an art. Sometimes I feel so darn proud of myself if I manage create a beautiful plating. When I was about to take up this HR job, I was expecting myself to be crazily busy, and maybe do OT.. but it seems like I don't really have the chance to do that because my work for the day will normally be done way before knock off time. Sometimese I feel that I am just like the others.. a slave to the country. Hahaha!!!

Okay, but why a sudden change of field? I am suprised at myself too and I didn't know I will work together with my family one day which I was so against about initially. But after knowing my dad's work ethics and attitude, I must say, I am really proud of him. I bet he is one of the most hardworking person I've ever seen. He never take leave, he never take MCs, he never complain about being tired and he never complain of working 7 days a week. He started if being a clerk in SCK and I should, or everyone should applaud him for working his way up to a Managing Director position. So screw anyone who are jealous of his wealth because HE DESERVES IT.

Alright, but why did I take up this offer? Honestly, because I need the money. Haha.. very practical yea? But it's true. I just bought a house with my dear boyfriend. So to pay off the house loan, I need a substantial amount of cpf right? Otherwise, it will be really unfair to put all the burden on my bf. The thing is, my dad is definitely willing to pay off my house, my school fees at LCB if I want to.. but I will feel so bad! I need to be financial independent for once! I can't keep borrowing money from my daddy!

Of course, that doesn't mean I will give up my dream of being a part in F&B. Yesterday, I was talking to my culinary friends and one of them will be setting up his own business soon. I really can't wait! Because he allowed me to help him out if he has any events.. and I am really glad to have a friend like him because this little gesture makes my dream alive. :) Also, I am really happy for all my culinary friends when they are doing so well and continue to pursue their dreams relentlessly. And I think all of us grew to a certain extend..

Now, I have more time to myself and my friends. It's a good thing in a way. But I hope I can fill the rest of my time to do more meaningful and exciting things to spice up my life and continue making me grow.

2 more nights and I am off to Taipei :)

Yes yes, my long awaited trip is finally here! I am happy and excited at the same time :)

But something is really bothering me.. I can't really pin-point what is it.. but I guess I am more upset than happy. Yes, it's about my future again. When I quit school, I thought I could just forget everything and move on. As in, forget that I ever stepped into the culinary industry.

But, why do I even look for a culinary related part time job? Why do I still watch food channels? AND why do I have to fall in love with the classic desserts and cakes? AT THIS POINT OF TIME! I want to do something else, I keep searching for other careers which I might be interested in.. But why am I still looking at culinary school websites? I know, my parents will prob kill me if I tell them I wanna take up a pastry course at LCB. Although I keep saying that I hate kitchen jobs..there's a lil part of me that I can't deny that I actually DO LOVE kitchen jobs.. It's a love-hate kinda thing..

I know there are people out there who see me as someone who can't take hardships.. but it is not true.. becoz I struggled really hard to make that painful decision. Even now, when I think about it, it's still painful. I may seem happy, but there are times I am still crying in my heart. Leaving that school is just a form of relieve, and under such circumstances, leaving the school was the best option for me. I am sorry if I let certain ppl down, esp ppl who pinned high hopes on me.

This decision will definitely leave a scar in me and it will always remind me wad a failure I am. But, I am not ready to give up my dream. Not yet.
I just tightened by braces (both top and bottom this time round) yesterday and it hurt so much that I can't eat or sleep properly... Supposed to work today but I took MC... Partly is the pain and also becoz I am feeling pretty emo.. I guess it's the time of the mth..

After making a huge decision about leaving the school, I felt that I am starting to fight for my own rights... In the past, whenever I feel unhappy about something.. I won't voice out and will just tolerate, telling myself that life is like that. But now, I've learnt to voice out my concerns. I just told my in-charge the max number of days I would like to work and asked if I could leave earlier if I have nothing else on hand (becoz seriously.. sometimes I think I spent too much time idling around at work). I dared to do that just becoz it is only a part-time job and it's not like I am learning (or earning) alot.

My bf told me that I have extreme loyalty to the company even tho I am only with the company for one week.. I guess it's my huge sense of responsibility that makes me feel this way and sometimes it will just kill me..

I have so much more to learn in life...
HELLO EVERYBODY!!! I'm back again.. sorry for being MIA for soo long but I have my reasons.. Ever since I started at-sunrice.. I've been really busy.. and oh well, have never been so busy in my whole life before!

As some of u might know (not everyone).. I have quitted school about a month ago and still trying to accept the fact that I withdrew. I won't want to explain much because it might be another session of ranting. So I would just consider this case to be "closed". Sorry that I blocked most of u guys in facebook becoz I have several reasons.. I have added too many at-sunrice people and I don't really wish to let most of them know about my whereabouts and I don't really want to answer their "whys". Another reason it's becoz I am also not ready to answer what exactly happen if any of my close friends asked..

Anyways, some updates..I am starting work tomorrow and it's still related to culinary (guess I am really not ready to give all that up!).. but the catch is, it's part-time.. Just dun wanna find a full-time job so soon becoz I really wanna go Taipei again before starting any full-time job again.

So! I am going to Phuket with my culinary friends from the 1st - 4th August~ Can't wait!!!


Why is it still so painful even though I have people who are concerned about me?

Ate insects!

I've finally crossed one of my limits.. eating insects! My sch's Thai Chef brought fried insects back from Thailand and I tried some.. a worm and grasshopper.. It's tasted crispy and salty.. not much of flavoring.. Hahaha...

I'm on my way to Bangkok! :) (I hope I am really going there....)

Darling's new pet

Darling bought 20 new fishes and the tank is placed just right beside my bed.. hehe.. they are so pretty.. There's pink, green, and purple ones.. so cute! Will upload photos in facebook soon!

Just some random updates about my life in school. Learnt how to disect a chicken and sharpen ing of my knife. Will start proper knife cutting skills soon!

Finally, I'm having an off day!

Arhz.. it's sucks to go back to school on  Saturday, but I think I should really get used to it soon, becoz I might be working on Saturdays and Sundays soon! Oh well.. Slept at about 10 plus last night and just woke up. The feeling is good!

Just finished my practical examination and started class on Friday. Thought will be going into kitchen but heard that the chef got his timetable mixed up and he taught us smthing else instead. I hope the real action starts on Monday! I heard that we might not be cooking much for these 3 mths (so dun bug me to cook for u guys first pls!).. It's more about mise-en-place and knife skills.. I really want to chop, slice, minced etc professionally. Hahah.. This is the day I've been waiting for! But I know I need lots of practice..

Oh, some other stuff to tok about. I went to Orchard ION a few days ago.. Me being a foodie, I dun really care how many shopping malls are there. Becoz the first section I go is the basement, where all the food outlets are located. I tried a few stuff and had a few conclusions. R-burger sucks, tako pachi was okay only (The ones I had in Japan are way better!), the Taiwan beef noodles so-so, Thai desserts were FANTASTIC (Especially the coconut with chesnut), Tokyo Crepe Girl was EXCELLENT! I would like to elaborate more about the Tokyo Crepe Girl. At first, I was hesitant to buy anything from that stall, becoz there isn't anyone buying any crepes.. But I was amazed by the chef's profile (Worked in Gordon Ramsey's Holding's before, Worked in Tokyo Conrad, won a gold medal in smthing). He's a Japanese anyway.. So I decided to try Apple and Orange Crepe. I was in awe.. It tasted sooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooddddd that my day brightened up instantly (it's really part of their motto!) And, apple and orange crepe is not even the best seller! Although it's a lil pricy, I still think it's worth every single cent. U guys have to understand that I dun really eat desserts and I seldom crave for them. And, I have really high expectations for desserts and I seldom praise about them. Even Canele Patisserie (supposingly sell really good and expensive cakes).. I only find it so-so. I almost wanted to go for a second round after my first serving.. but I guess I'm too embarrassed to go back.. hahahahah..

And I simply love the Market Place at ION~ It was really an eye opener for me. Many interesting fruits and vege.. good wine.. and most imptly, Valrhona outlet is coming soon! I'm so definitely gonna go there!

Can u imagine a small bottle of extra virgin olive oil costs 60 bucks? =.=